White Dragon

I have a few heroes: Jessica Walsh, Dieter Rams, Elon Musk...
and Jean-Claude Van Damme.


Do you remember Bloodsport (1988)?

In my opinion, this is his masterpiece. In that movie, JCVD is an American soldier fighting for his honor at the Kumite. 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨  He kicks the bad guy's ass, revenges his mate and gets the girl.  It was the 80's (the best decade ever). 

So I decided to make a game about this epic story.

It has everything, love, friendship, escaping police, an Oscar Winner (well... 18 years after Bloodsport, Forest Whitaker would win), an iconic bad guy (Chong Li), people breaking bricks with their heads, you name it. The game is a series of mini-games. With things like poop, pandas and lots of Karate-chops.


Although these game screens are inspired by another JCVD movie, they made into the cut. Just because they are awesome enough.

Visual Assets

Pixel-art is so fun to me because of the restrictions: fixed number of colors, no anti-aliasing, the patience needed to make something super-small look super detailed, etc.


What have I done in this project?

- Concept;
- Art Direction & Illustrations;
- Made others admire JCVD.


With whom?

Dev - Fernando França