Suvinil Guide

Why should you pay someone to paint your house when you can DIY? ðŸ¤”


What is this app about?

Suvinil Guide is an app for the frustrated Mondrian's out there. Remember when you look at your living room walls and think: "What if they were green?". Well, good ol' Suvinil Guide can help you get started and do the paint job on your own. So, stand-up, download the app and start creating your masterpiece.


Seriously now.

It could have been a "list app" but we went for the long run and developed a drag&drop system that lets people choose their needs in a more "tactile" way, despite some serious doubts over messing with Mobile Design Patterns. YOLO. In the end (after testing), it proved to be a good hit with users, they figured out almost instantly how to interact with the system.


Visual Design

This project was icon heaven. We had to describe, in icon language, almost 150 different features of Suvinil's paints. Also, the interface is unobtrusive, clean and easy to digest at first glance.


What have I done in this project?

- Concept & Strategy;
- Design Direction & Key Visuals;
- Product Management.


With whom?

- Igor Bertoli - Designer
Erlon Cabral - iOS Dev
- Ademar Oliveira & Mickele Moriconi - Android Devs
- Fernando França - Head of IT
- Alexandre Lima - Operations
- Vinícius Porto - Account Manager
- Igor Saraiva - Strategy


Where was I at?