Suvinil Colors

Our app mission: Inspire people to express themselves through colors in their walls.


What did we do?

We inspired ourselves in the Pantone Color Chart and created an experience rich and fulfilling as such. Now it's way nicer to figure out that purple you were dreaming of painting your bedroom walls.



We designed this product to work perfectly on any Apple or Android smartphones. We also figured out that maintaining some of the OS visual aspects we could ease the cognitive load of our users, and it also has a unified/consistent look throughout the platforms.


Visual Design

This is the kind of work that the content is way more important than the interface (aren't them all?). We want you to see colors. Feel inspired and discover colors you never knew that were around you.


What have I done in this project?

- Concept;
- Design Direction & Key Visuals;
- Product Management.


With whom?

- Igor Bertoli, Tiago Taborda - Designers
- Erlon Cabral - iOS Dev
- Ademar Oliveira & Mickele Moriconi - Android Devs
- Evandro Coradini - Head of IT
- Alexandre Lima - Operations
- Vinícius Porto - Account Manager
- Igor Saraiva - Strategy


Where was I at?