No need to be hangry. 😠​​​​​​🍴
We know that finding the right place to eat is a mysterious art.
So, we will show you where you should go. Now.

So, what is it?

Foodine is a food truck finder. It understands you (preferences, tastes, places you've been, etc) and always suggests something that matches your mood. Somedays, we all need is someone to figure out where we should eat.


OMG, I want it now. 

Well, my dear reader, you will have to wait for it a little more. We are working a lot to get it to you next year. Our timeframe is tight and the schedules too. We are aiming for january 2017. Can you hold your hunger till there? 🍖

What have I done in this project?

- Brand & Concept;
- UX & Visuals;
- Product Management.


With whom?

- Evandro Coradini - Dev / Concept / Product Management