Instant Campaign

“Finally a true guru to help me get through this brave new digital world”

- Anonymous Big Brand Client


Hey you, Client. Tired of those lame media plans and poor concepts?

We figured out that some online media plans didn’t have much consistency with clients KPI’s or budget constraints. So it became clear to us that some kind of ancient deities should be ruling the media advertising in Brazil. We had to do something about it.


Father Pop Up was an online 24/7*360º Media Guru. No matter the budget, you could always get a über-trendy media plan .

From augmented reality to sub-celeb tweets to MSN widgets, Father Pop Up could do anything depending on the size of your budget, of course. 


Father Pop Up was the most beloved media Guru in Brazil.

He delivered a shitload of media plans. Got a few thousand followers in Twitter and Facebook. Also, 13 of the “Big Brands” wanted to meet Grïngo saying they laughed their asses off.


Visual Assets

We went for the 80's informercial visual style. The was no such thing as too kitsch.
(This happened back in a time where Flat UI wasn't a thing)


What have I done in this project?

- Concept;
- Art/Scene Direction & Key Visuals;
- Product Management.


With whom?

- Gabriel Laet - Dev
- Clauber Volinsky - Copy & Actor
- Arthur Debert - Head of IT
- Edla Paniguel - Project Manager
- Renata Decousseau - Creative Director
- André Matarazzo - Creative Director


Where was I at?