Absolut Mango

We figured out how to mix Absolut, Guitar Hero and Samba. The result was a game that would get you to the Sambódromo in Rio de Janeiro.


From concept to completion

We created a somewhat surreal experience where you can chop some kiwis and get music from it. One of the biggest challenges was to bring several teams (audio, dev, 3D, motion, etc) to work seamlessly. In three months, we went from nothing to FWA site of the day.


It's all about rhythm

You have to feel the music to finish the game levels. By the last couple of levels it was pretty hard to finish. Only the true barman-musicians were capable of mastering that fine art.

Visual Assets

In order to inspire myself and the team, I had a few Absolut Mango bottles hanging around my desk by the time. I believe that to be the main reason this website came out so awesome.


What have I done in this project?

- Concept;
- Art Direction & Key Visuals;
- Product Management.


With whom?

- Ana Mangeon - Copy
- Gabriel Laet
 - Dev
- Valck - Motion

- Arthur Debert - Head of IT
- Roberta Padilla - Project Manager
- André Matarazzo - Creative Director


Where was I at?