I'm Finaga.


I live and work in São Paulo as a digital product designer.

Here you will see some of the projects I am most proud of and a bit about me.

Before showing it, I would like to quickly share three of my work principles:

1. Design (for me): make people feel greater than usual.

That *greater* comes from a sense of control. As we master and comprehend a product/interface, it pumps up our motivation to accomplish more difficult tasks. It’s all about making users feel smarter & better by using our product designs.

2. Failure: part of the learning curve.

“If we judge ourselves as we make mistakes, we are more intimidated than inspired to try again. We ought to celebrate instead the act of curiosity that led us to explore, and then try again" - Carol Dweck

3. Team building: hire who is better... than you.

And watch your teams become invincible. 💪


Having said that,

I'm a Design Director at Fjord.

We bring breakthrough digital services to life by redesigning people’s relationships with the world around them.

Today I’m working on products for global clients, which I can't tell right now, but soon...

Before Fjord, I’ve spent almost 15 years working full-time as Creative & Art Director in some agencies from Omnicom, WPP, Interpublic & Dentsu groups. Both in Brazil and Europe. That was a great ride. Proud to say: my career is ectoplasm👻 free.

This year I gave another talk to UXPA and started giving Mobile Design classes. It felt great to share what I’ve learned so far.

And, also this year, I exchanged some knowledge while mentoring a few Startups.

I am writing a
few articles about managing Design Teams and dealing with clients. They’re focused on young people entering the Design/Ad worlds.🎓


A bit about me,

I am an amateur Pixel Artist👾

I love to obliterate people at Destiny. (Xbox Gamertag: finaga)

Passionate about indie games. The more obscure, the better.

I started running. Focus on getting the 12km/h pace.



If you liked anything you saw, say hi at finaga@gmail.com 📩

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Thank you.


• Old School Gaming Nerd 🕹;

• Battle-Scarred Designer (15y+);

• Knowledge Sharer 🖖;

• finaga@gmail.com